Election Results: Sheffield’s ex Council leader Paul Scriven loses his seat

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FORMER Council leader Paul Scriven is amongst nine Lib Dem candidates to lose their seats to Labour in Sheffield’s local council elections.

The council is now made up of 59 Labour councillors, 23 Lib Dem members and two Green party members.

Turnout at yesterday’s election was 32.77 per cent.

The council is now made up of 59 Labour councillors, 23 Lib Dem members and two Green party members.

Turnout at yesterday’s election was 32.77 per cent.

The result reflects the regional and national picture - where Labour has gained seats and the Lib Dems have suffered the biggest loses.

In Sheffield, voters also overwhelmingly voted against having an elected mayor, by almost two to one.

See The Star on Saturday for full reaction and more.

Sheffield City Council Results, May 3, 2012:

ARBOURTHORNE - Lab hold: Jennyfer Barnard (Green) 276; Julie Dore (Lab) 2,303; Allan Sheridan (UKIP) 544; Peter Smith (Con) 299; Patricia White (Lib Dem) 275.

BEAUCHIEF AND GREENHILL - Lab gain from Lib Dem: Steve Ayris (lib Dem) 1,642; Peter Boardman (UKIP) 534; Michelle Grant (Con) 345; Christina Hespe (Green) 296; Roy Munn (Lab) 2,393.

BIRLEY - Lab hold: Victoria Bowden (Lib Dem) 253; Graham Cheetham (UKIP) 555; Calum Heaton (Con) 248; Bryan Lodge (Lab) 2,553; Frank Plunkett (Green) 257; David Wildgoose (English Democrats) 174.

BROOMHILL - Lab gain: Patricia Dunn (Lab) 1,303; Bernard Little (Green) 1,102; Timothy Moffatt (Con) 197; Paul Scriven (Lib Dem) 809; Pat Sullivan (UKIP) 107.

BURNGREAVE - Lab hold: Maxine Bowler (Trade Unionists) 708; Russell Cutts (Con) 181; Jackie Drayton (Lab) 3,373; Tasadique Mohammed (Lib Dem) 241; Jean Simpson (UKIP) 271; Christopher Sissons (Green) 247

CENTRAL - Green hold: Mohammed Akbar (Lab) 1,736; Owen Grey (Con) 161; Andrew Kitson (UKIP) 137; Rob Murphy (Green) 2,165; Muhammad Zahur (Lib Dem) 244

CROOKES - Lib Dem hold: Rob Frost (Lib Dem) 1,965; Alec Hayward (UKIP) 323; John Hesketh (Ind) 736; James Hoyes (Con) 360; Abdul Khayum (Lab) 1,416; Amy Mack (Green) 808.

DARNALL - Lab hold: Charlotte Arnott (UKIP) 556; Mary Lea (Lab) 2978; Mohammed Miah (Ind) 220; Alan Ryder (Con) 149; Julie White (Green) 209; Salim Zaman (Lib Dem) 1,149.

DORE AND TOTLEY - Lib Dem hold: Steven Moxon (Ind) 363; Hafeas Rehman (Lab) 763; Colin Ross (Lib Dem) 2,610; Anne Smith (Con) 2,140; Rita Wilcock (Green) 422.

EAST ECCLESFIELD - Lab gain from Lib Dem; Hilary Gay (Con) 268; Kaye Horsfield (Green) 270; Mark Price (UKIP) 551; Colin Taylor (Lib Dem) 1,167; Joyce Wright (Lab) 2,545.

ECCLESALL - Lib Dem hold: Penny Baker (Lib Dem) 2514; Richard Lawrence (Lab) 1625; Arun Mathur (Green) 959; Christina Stark (Con) 891; Jason Sullivan (UKIP) 415.

FIRTH PARK - Lab hold: Judith Burkinshaw (Con) 187; Sheila Constance (Lab) 2,606; Mick Ibbotson (Green) 307; Matthew Ratcliffe (UKIP) 470; James Toseano (Lib Dem) 168.

GLEADLESS VALLEY - Lab hold; Steve Barnard (Green) 748; Vincent Foster (UKIP) 421; Jenny Grant (Con) 247; Steve Jones (Lab) 2,693; Alan Munro (Trade unionists) 172; Richard Shaw (Lib Dem) 479

GRAVES PARK - Lib Dem hold: Pauline Arnott (UKIP) 398; Trevor Grant (Con) 343; David Hayes (Green) 393; Sam Morecroft (Trade unionists) 116; Bob Pemberton (Lab) 1,994; Denise Reaney (Lib Dem) 2,093.

HILLSBOROUGH - Lab gain from Lib Dems; Nigel Bonson (Con) 261; Jonathan Harston (Lib Dem) 682; Paul Hirst (UKIP) 570; Wyllie Hume (Trade Unionists) 130; George Lindars-Hammond (Lab) 2,424; Chris McMahon Green) 481.

MANOR CASTLE - Lab hold: Pat Midgley (Lab) 2,228; Les Arnott (UKIP) 308; Graham Wroe (Green) 272; Jack Williams (Lib Dem) 179; Josh Lahlou (Con) 105.

MOSBOROUGH - Lab gain from Lib Dem: Thomas Booker (UKIP) 518; Tony Downing (Lab) 2,463; Paul Nizinskyj (Con) 297; Sarah Smalley (Green) 166; Gail Smith (Lib Dem) 1,113.

NETHER EDGE: Lab gain from Lib Dem: Nikki Bond (Lab) 2,570; Rob Cole (Green) 1,000; Iltaf Hussain (Lib Dem) 1,425; Afzal Shaikh (Con) 225; Jeffrey Shaw (UKIP) 266.

RICHMOND - Lab hold: Lynn Rooney (Lab) 2,385; Arthur Sheridan (UKIP) 582; Angela Hill (Lib Dem) 259; James Sneddon (Con) 232; Richard Roper (Green) 220.

SHIREGREEN AND BRIGHTSIDE - Lab hold: Douglas Johnson (Green) 215; Eric Kirby (Con) 198; Sharon Mboueyeu (Lib Dem) 122; Sioned-Mair Richards (Lab) 2,402; Scott Wright (UKIP) 634.

SOUTHEY - Lab hold: Tony Damms (Lab) 2,378; Edward Gould (Con) 180; Michael Simpson (UKIP) 435; Chris Tosseano (Lib Dem) 181; Eamonn Ward (Green) 190.

STANNINGTON - Lib Dem hold: Martin Bradshaw (Green) 400; Claudia Cole (Con) 325; Katie Condliffe (Lib Dem) 2,228; John Greenfield (UKIP) 600; Max Telfer (Lab) 1,944.

STOCKSBRIDGE AND UPPER DON - Lab gain: Jack Clarkson (Lib Dem) 1,220; Richard Crowder (Lab) 1,770; Grant French (UKIP) 1,386; Dan Lyons (Green) 260; Nigel Owen (Con) 408.

WALKLEY - Lab gain from Lib Dems: Neale Gibson (Lab) 2494; Diane Leek (Lib Dem) 1163; John Levick (Con) 179; Chaz Lockett (Trade Unionists) 136; Calvin Payne (Green) 630; Richard Ratcliffe (UKIP) 392.

WEST ECCLESFIELD - Labour gain from Lib Dem: Kathy Aston (Green) 172; Simon Ellison (UKIP) 530; Alan Hooper (Lib Dem) 1,724; Adam Hurst (Lab) 1,977: David Ogle (Ind) 266; Gabrielle Pitfield (Con) 215.

WOODHOUSE - Lab hold: Leslie Abrhams (Lib Dem) 257; Jonathan Arnott (UKIP) 879; John Grant (Green) 231; Laurence Hayward (Con) 218; Jackie Satur (Lab) 2,393.

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