Elderly Sheffield carer pleads for support service to be saved

An elderly carer has called for a service to be saved, saying it is their only source of hope and support.

Tuesday, 5th October 2021, 4:45 pm

Helen Moore, who is in her 80s, is a carer for her youngest son Tom who is in his 40s and has autism and learning difficulties.

She said a vital service supporting elderly carers, run by Mencap, was under threat at a recent Sheffield Council adult social care scrutiny committee.

She said: “It is essential that we, as lifelong elderly carers, raise awareness to try to prevent the closure of this valuable service.

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Town Hall.

“Please understand and recognise that with the emphasis on elderly we have been lifelong carers and as such are pretty well exhausted. Many are even too exhausted to complain about the possible loss of this service.”

She said currently two staff members visit their home and provide support and the alternative option available if the service closes would involve “impossible” visits to town.

Ms Moore said: “They know our families and us and I cannot tell you enough how important this is to us. The visits at home and knowing they will understand and offer help and support and kindness so we feel that we can carry on.

“Often social workers tend to change very frequently and each time we need some help we have to go over the history of our children all again and it’s very upsetting and tiring.

“They are the only people we can turn to in times of extra difficulty, even only to hear an understanding voice is enormously comforting and helps us to carry on.

“Please do all you can to save this vital service, once gone, like the old elderly carers service, it will never return.

“We love our children and we want to carry on. We are pleading with you not to take it away. It is our only source of help and support….

“As my daughter texted when I told her about the news: what a terrible shame. It seems that anything good and valuable is melting away to leave only difficult hurdles to be managed without support.”

A council officer was unable to respond during the meeting so the council said it would provide a written response.

Mencap was contacted for comment.