Double yellow lines coming to several Sheffield neighbourhoods – find out if your area is affected

Double yellow lines will be painted across roads in several Sheffield neighbourhoods but some of the restrictions have been eased following complaints from residents.

Monday, 14th March 2022, 3:29 pm

Sheffield Council is trying to tackle obstructive parking to make streets safer and improve access, visibility and traffic flow. Almost £21,000 will be spent painting double yellow lines on seven locations.

Button Hill and Ranelagh Drive, Ecclesall

The council received a number of complaints from residents about vehicles parking at the junction on Button Hill, making it difficult for motorists to see when exiting Ranelagh Drive.

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Carter Knowle Road's junction with Fossdale Road at Ecclesall is one of seven locations getting double yellow lines

Parking on Ranelagh Drive also stops the traffic flowing through the junction.

Double yellow lines will be painted on both sides of Button Hill junction with Ranelagh Drive and on both sides of Ranelagh Drive.

Carter Knowle Road and Fossdale Road, Ecclesall

The council received a lot of complaints from residents about parking at the junction.

Parked vehicles block visibility for motorists exiting Fossdale Road and seriously block the traffic flow.

Double yellow lines will be painted on both sides of Carter Knowle Road’s junction with Fossdale Road and on both sides of Fossdale Road.

High Street, Beighton, south of its junction with School Road

The parking on High Street obscures visibility for motorists exiting School Road and disrupts the traffic flow.

There were four objections about loss of parking, fears traffic speeds would increase and parking being displaced. The restrictions on High Street will be reduced by 67.5 metres.

Medlock Drive, north of its junction with Orgreave Lane

Medlock Drive has existing double yellow lines but the council received numerous requests for the lines to be extended. People park close to the junction, obstructing traffic and causing bottlenecks

Five people objected, saying the restrictions would displace traffic on to surrounding streets and would be inconvenient

The restrictions will be reduced by 18m on the northeast side and 23m on the southwest side.

Sevenairs Road, Beighton

The council received a large number of requests for additional parking restrictions on Sevenairs Road with complaints about vehicles obstructing the traffic flow, restricting accessibility and blocking pavements.

There were eight objections about inconvenience, traffic speeds and parking being shunted to surrounding streets.

Double yellow lines on Sevenairs Road have been reduced. Restrictions at the junction of Sevenairs Road and Springwell Grove have been almost entirely removed.

Town End Road, Ecclesfield

The council received complaints about drivers parking partly on the pavement and also obstructing the traffic flow. Some private drives are blocked by inconsiderate parking.

Eight people complained about the reduction in on-street parking and said traffic would speed. The original 370m of double yellow lines have been reduced by 78m.

Willow Drive, Handsworth

The council received a number of requests for restrictions as parking on Willow Drive, between its junctions with Handsworth Road and Hall Road, creates a bottleneck that obstructs access, visibility and traffic flow.

Restrictions on Willow Drive have been reduced to the bare minimum to keep two junctions clear of parked vehicles. Double yellow lines outside a property have been completely removed.