Doncaster MP and pro-EU group clash over 'dishonest' no deal Brexit petition

Doncaster MP Caroline Flint and a town-based pro-EU group have clashed over a ‘dishonest’ petition calling on her to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

Monday, 12th August 2019, 1:42 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 7:10 pm

Anti-Brexit group Best For Doncaster have collected nearly 150 signatures from people in Ms Flint’s Don Valley constituency urging her to do everything in a power to prevent a no deal Brexit on October 31.

The group say that Ms Flint, who campaigned for Remain but has previously spoken of her desire to respect the result of the referendum result is now backing Prime Minister Boris Johnson's ‘do or die’ Brexit.

However, the MP has hit back at the petition, calling it dishonest and that she will continue to fight against a no deal Brexit.

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Doncaster Don Valley MP Caroline Flint says the petition is 'dishonest'

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The group collected 100 signatures in Tickhill on their Stop No Deal Brexit petition at the weekend, saying that local residents are against a no deal withdrawal from the EU later this year.

Giulia Savini, Vice-Chair of the Best For Doncaster group, said: “Supporting ‘Brexit at all costs’ is simply irresponsible and alarming.

“Our MPs have the responsibility to protect our communities and the most vulnerable ones in our society from the devastating consequences of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Doncaster deserves better than this”.

Best for Doncaster collected 100 signatures against a no deal Brexit.

The group says the petition is specifically addressed to Ms Flint, who they say has shifted her position since Boris Johnson became PM.

A statement said: “This is evidenced by her voting record which shows she voted against amendments aimed at preventing ‘no deal’ and in June this year she told BBC’s Andrew Marr that she would not stop a ‘no deal’ if it came to that or no Brexit.

Added Ms Savini: “It was great to see many people approaching us wanting to sign the petition. A couple of residents even decided to record and send a video message to their MP.

“Nevertheless, it was very disappointing to read Caroline’s words on Twitter accusing us of running a ‘dishonest petition’. This is not only offensive but very disrespectful of all who already

signed it. We will continue to collect signatures over the next three weeks and will be happy to share the results with Caroline.”

Responding to the group on Twitter, the MP wrote: “This is a dishonest petition.

“I voted against no deal. I voted for a deal twice which would have avoided a no deal Brexit. I will do so again.

“Organisations like yours have campaigned against any deal. Send me your petition and I will write to all the signatories.”

Don Valley resident Deborah Smith said: “No one voted for a no deal Brexit.

“You already have one of the most deprived constituencies in Yorkshire: will you slice through the economic links Doncaster has painstakingly built with Europe?

“Destroy our fledgling economic recovery? Endanger the jobs and opportunities we already have here?

“For the sake of the children of Doncaster who will grow up in a world shaped by global issues and global movements and need to have their voices heard in the shaping of the future of their world, please stop


The petition can be signed HERE