Decision on controversial plan to build Dunkin drive-thru next to KFC delayed

A Dunkin restaurant is proposed to be built next to a KFC on a busy Sheffield road.A Dunkin restaurant is proposed to be built next to a KFC on a busy Sheffield road.
A Dunkin restaurant is proposed to be built next to a KFC on a busy Sheffield road.
A plan to erect a second takeaway right next to a KFC restaurant on a busy Sheffield road has been deferred after planning committee members raised concerns about bins and access to the site.

Sheffield City Council’s Planning and Highways Committee yesterday (January 9) discussed the plans to build a Dunkin restaurant with a drive-thru in an area of currently underused car parking within “the curtilage of KFC” on the corner of Queens Road and Charlotte Road.

The proposal includes the said erection of a new single-storey building for use as a restaurant, kitchen, staff areas and drive-thru window; new pedestrian access from Queens Road, formation of a new drive-thru lane, 10 new car parking spaces, outdoor seating; retaining the existing access from Charlotte Road and the creation of bin storage area.

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Chicken Villas, with agents ID Planning, said the proposed coffee and doughnut restaurant would be situated in front of the gable wall of the existing building forming the southern site boundary.


The application, which said 15 jobs would be created, has sparked quite a controversy as more than 40 letters have been submitted to object to the development – including one from City Ward councillors.

At the meeting, Simon Ogden, the chair of the Sheaf and Porter Rivers Trust, told the members they objected to the layout and treatment of the site.

Mr Ogden reiterated that the group had asked that the seating area be placed next to the river while the bins be placed away from the river.

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He said: “The report actually calls this application a ‘missed opportunity’. We would support that view.”

He added it was a missed opportunity for users and customers of the cafe who would be offered seating next to a heavily trafficked road.

Also, it would be a loss for River Sheaf as well, he said, as there was no planned improvement to the river.

He urged councillors to ask the officers and developers to reconsider the plans and come back with a better plan.

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He was joined by Cllr Mike Chaplin (Southey, Labour) as he said having looked at the plans “it seemed we are downplaying the importance of the Sheaf (River)”. His colleague, Cllr Laura Moynahan (Manor Castle, Labour and Co-Operative) said he was concerned about littering in and around the river.

Cllr Henry Nottage (Hillsborough, The Green Party) when asked about access to the site and potential queues, was told that the entrance to the site would not be widened despite “a traffic increase” being expected in the area.

Cllr Gary Weatherall (Shiregreen and Brightside, Sheffield Community Councillors Group) also raised concerns about the “tight” entrance and urged for a second opinion on the development.

Cllr Roger Davison (Ecclesall, Liberal Democrats) told the planning officer and members that he was disappointed that they didn’t “get the chance” to look at how the access looks like and he called for a deferment too.

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Chirs Heeley, the planning officer, told the chair of the committee Cllr Glynis Chapman that due to the raised concerns, he thought a site visit would be a good idea.

Members voted unanimously for deferment so the application will have to be brought back next time.