Sheffield ski village: Cyclists excited for mountain bike expansion at Parkwood Springs

Mountain bike riders have shown their support for Sheffield Council’s major expansion plans to the trails at Parkwood Springs.

By Molly Williams, Local Democracy Reporter
Tuesday, 14th December 2021, 3:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 14th December 2021, 4:45 pm

The council recently revealed plans to extend the trails at the site, just outside the city centre near the old ski village, with more than 6.8 kilometres of new tracks, access routes and a visitor hub.

So far there have been seven comments from members of the public on the planning application, six of which are in support and one is an objection.

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Sheffield Ski Village.

One rider shared how they started visiting after a running injury when they lived in the city centre and the existing trails helped them to improve their skills before they started riding in the Peak District.

They said: “Overall, I think it is a great move for the area and I am happy to see that the old landfill will be utilised.”

Another rider said: “SUPPORT!

“I would like to offer support to the plans to develop this under-utilised site with so much potential to positively engage the surrounding community with facilities that can facilitate physical activity, social interaction and community cohesion through sport and specifically MTB.

The Sheffield Ski Village.

“This is an area of Sheffield that would really benefit from improved facilities such as these to engage the local community and bring people to the area.”

A rider who said they had been mountain biking in Sheffield since 2009 and used Parkwood Springs to introduce others the sport said: “The trails at Parkwood Springs have always been a gem, but unfortunately something of a hidden one. Given the lack of facilities at the site currently, the time you can stay on site is limited.

“Furthermore, despite Sheffield being one of the best places to ride in the UK, it can be difficult to introduce beginners into ‘real’ mountain biking since most of the trails around here can be quite advanced.

Mountain bikers say they are excited about Sheffield Council's plans to expand the trails at Parkwood Springs, near the old ski village, which has a spectacular views over the city against a backdrop of the Peak District.

“This proposal will improve both of these aspects. Not only will it enable people to visit Parkwood Springs but it will also give a location to teach people how to ride in a progressive way while being very accessible from the centre of the city. I wholeheartedly support this proposal for this reason.

“Furthermore, I’d like to point out that there are likely a number of other individuals like me who enjoy the trails at Parkwood Springs when they do visit, but who do not visit often – if at all – as a result of the lack of facilities.

“While not particularly difficult to get to, if coming from the other side of Sheffield, the time you can spend there with the current lack of facilities is often less than the time you spend travelling to and from.

"If this proposal is approved, it is highly likely to increase the number of people visiting the site as these issues will no longer exist. Speaking from a personal perspective, I know that I will visit significantly more often if the proposals go ahead.”

Another rider said: “I am excited about these plans, I look forward to using the country park when it is finished.”