Kate Josephs: Sheffield council leader's 'deep disappointment' at CEO's Cabinet Office leaving drinks

Sheffield City Council leader Terry Fox says he feels “deep disappointment” at CEO Kate Josephs’ admission of attending leaving drinks at the Cabinet Officer during lockdown in December 2020.

Friday, 14th January 2022, 5:15 pm

Ms Josephs, who was formerly the director general of the Cabinet Office Covid Taskforce, has today posted a statement on Twitter admitting attending the gathering.

The revelation comes following a week of staunch criticism of Downing Street for repeatedly holding drinks and gatherings while the country was in lockdown.

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Sheffield Council chief executive 'truly sorry' for having leaving drinks at Cab...

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Coun Terry Fox, Sheffield City Council leader, said he feels "deep disappointment" with his CEO Kate Josephs over her admission she attended leaving drinks at the Cabinet Office in December 2020.

In a statement following the revelation, Labour’s Councillor Fox wrote: “Kate has made a statement today about a gathering that happened in the Cabinet Office last year. I have discussed this in person today with Kate on a one-to-one and she has said sorry.

"To be honest, I need to express my deep disappointment – people will rightly feel angry and let down. I get that completely. After everything that Sheffield has been through during the pandemic, this is news that we did not want to receive.

"Over the last year, Kate’s been an asset to our city, and she is working tirelessly for Sheffield and its people. Our residents will understandably have questions and concerns, and we await the findings of the investigation.”

The Star has contacted Councillor Fox for further comment.

A picture of Kate Josephs outside 10 Downing Street that she posted on Twitter on December 18, 2020, after leaving her former Government role

Meanwhile, Councillor Douglas Johnson for the Green Party said: “The thing is, we can’t really talk about it. She’s put this out, and that’s all there is for now.

When asked if this Councillor Josephs should resign, Councillor Johnson said: "There’s no reason she should resign.” He declined to comment further, saying to wait for the investigation to end.