Sheffield's Local Plan won’t be published for four years

Sheffield’s Local Plan – which is the blueprint for how the city will be developed – won’t be finalised for another four years.

By Lucy Ashton
Monday, 28th October 2019, 12:10 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th October 2019, 2:39 pm
Sheffield's Local Plan is the blueprint for how the city will develop

The long awaited plan – renamed the Sheffield Plan – won’t be completed and published until September 2023.

Officers say the document has been delayed because of government policies. There will also need to be extensive consultation on a draft version, plus recommendations from inspectors, before a final version can be drawn up.

Simon Vincent, Local Plan service manager, says in a report that once published, the plan will cover the period 2023-2038.

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He says: “The previous version of the Local Development Scheme, published in July 2016, allowed for three public consultation periods and envisaged adoption of the Local Plan by September 2018.

“Since the publication of that previous LDS, it has been necessary to take account of the Government’s Housing White Paper and subsequent changes to national planning policy and guidance.

“Officers have also been working with members to develop a new vision for how the city could develop in the future, set against the context of the updated National Planning Policy Framework.

“The previous LDS is now clearly out of date. It remains important to note that the council is some way off developing its draft plan at this stage.”

The timescale is:

July to September 2020

A new consultation on the draft Local Plan

July 2021

After all representations are considered, work will start on producing the draft Local Plan

July to September 2021

Consultation on the draft Local Plan will take place

January 2022

The draft Local Plan will be submitted to Government

April to July 2022

There will be a number of public hearings

November 2022

The Inspector’s preliminary report on the draft plan is published

January to February 2023

Consultation on any main modifications to the draft if required, including the Inspector’s recommendations

June 2023

The final Inspector’s report is expected to be published

September 2023

Cabinet approval and adoption by full council

One key area already highlighted is central Sheffield and the city centre.

Mr Vincent adds: “As part of developing the vision for the city, officers intend to undertake further engagement with landowners, agents, developers and local residents about the scope for redevelopment in the central area of Sheffield, covering the city centre and the areas fringing the centre. This will take place later this year.

“One of the main objectives of this will be to explore the potential for additional housing development in those areas.

“The recent declaration of the climate emergency, and commitment to targeting rapid decarbonisation over the plan period, adds impetus to the need to secure sustainable sites for housing growth in the city.

“A stronger focus on the central area would potentially support lower carbon living through densification of land uses, provision of more efficient buildings and encouraging sustainable travel through improved alignment of residential and employment land.”