Sheffield Spearmint Rhino dancers found 'touching and hugging' customers during inspection

Dancers at Spearmint Rhino strip club were found ‘touching and hugging’ during the latest Sheffield Council inspection.

Monday, 16th March 2020, 4:07 pm

The council says it is a minor breach of licensing rules and the Brown Street club’s own code of conduct.

Inspectors carried out their latest checks in the last two months of 2019 by assessing CCTV footage of 35 different dancers.

They found: issues around customer behaviour, dancers hugging customers at the end of performances on three occassions and dancers brushing customers’ legs.

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Spearmint Rhino

Rules state there should be no physical contact between performer and customer except for a customary kiss on the cheek at the end of a dance.

Where customers were said to be misbehaving, inspectors found staff intervened or dancers stopped their performance.

Part of the inspection also included cross referencing the club’s own log to make sure it was accurate.

Inspectors found that logs ‘were not fully completed, times and camera detail was missing or there was insufficient detail regarding issues’.

Claire Bower, who wrote the report on the findings, said: “Officers consider the findings to show minor issues and therefore, advice has been provided in writing to the Company Director of Sonfield Developments Ltd.

“A premises visit will be scheduled following this meeting to directly discuss the issues identified with management working at the premises.

“Officers do not consider the log being produced to be adequate, therefore an example of the viewing log used by licensing officers has been provided.”

The report is due to be discussed at a licensing meeting on March 24.

A follow up report is due in May.