Sheffield councillor, 82, vows to keep on working despite coronavirus concerns

Sheffield's elder statesman on the council says he will try to continue with his role as much as possible but is concerned about coronavirus.

Wednesday, 18th March 2020, 12:05 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th March 2020, 4:03 pm

Coun Peter Price is 82 and is currently laid up in bed with a bad back after carrying his bike up the Town Hall steps.

He says he hasn't contacted his GP, despite being in pain for four days, because he doesn't want to overload them.

And he's not sure how he will return to his normal council duties once his back has healed.

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Coun Peter Price

"It's very concerning because I am not one who will stay in normally. There are a lot of jobs that people aged over 70 are doing and one is being public representatives, such as councillors.

"I will be very careful. People ask to see me all the time and it's whether we can still go into people's homes as I like to chat face-to-face but it is worrying.

"I am still responding to the electorate and will try to get out without putting myself or others at risk. If we have to meet, we may sit on a bench in a park with a reasonable distance between us."

Coun Peter Price at Sheffield Town Hall. Picture: Dean Atkins

"I don't think the advice has been directive enough. I've had four meetings already cancelled this week but we are all in the same dilemma as the government's advice is to leave it up to individuals to make their minds up."

He says people's mental health is also vital. "The community centre lunch club has been pulled and the Alzheimer dancing but the people most at risk are also the ones who need the most stimulation.

"I hope once my back is better I can get back cycling because that's one thing they can't stop me from doing.

"I usually go to the pub on a Wednesday and sit in a corner and chat with a friend so we will have to see if that's still acceptable. I think we will have to give it another week and see how it develops."