Sheffield Council top pay revealed as five employees share over £800,000 a year

Sheffield Council pays over £800,000 to just five employees in salary and pension contributions, new figures show.

Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 12:24 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 1:34 am
The annual salary list has been revealed

Data compiled by the Taxpayers’ Alliance and Sheffield Council shows chief executive John Mothersole earns £188,298 in basic salary with a pension contribution of £35,364 a year. 

Laraine Manley, executive director of place, who is responsible for areas like business, transport, housing, the environment and city centre development, is paid  £141,596 with a pension contribution of £26,523. 

Jayne Ludlum, who has children’s services, adult services and education in her portfolio as director of people, receives £128,677 each year with a pension contribution of £24,221.

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Eugene Walker, executive director of resources is responsible for areas such as legal, IT, HR and finance, is paid £127,192 with a pension contribution of £24,167.

Director of public health, Greg Fell, receives a yearly salary of £108,876 with a pension contribution of £15,656. 

A further 16 members of staff are paid over £1.3 million between them.  

Comparing Yorkshire, Leeds has the most employees who receive over £100,000 per year with 19 and the biggest remuneration package was paid to Bradford Council’s chief executive at £228,489. 

But the largest salary and pension package in the UK was handed to Slough Council’s chief executive who received a whopping £595,077. 

John O'Connell, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “The average council tax bill has gone up by more than £900 over the last twenty years and spending has gone through the roof.

“Disappointingly, many local authorities are now responding to financial reality through further tax rises and reducing services rather than scaling back top pay.

“Despite many in the public sector facing a much-needed pay freeze to help bring the public finances under control, many town hall bosses are continuing to pocket huge remuneration packages, with staggering pay-outs for those leaving their jobs.

"There are talented people in the public sector who are trying to deliver more for less, but the sheer scale of these packages raise serious questions about efficiency and priorities."

A Sheffield Council spokesman said: “Sheffield City Council is the third largest metropolitan council in the country and yet we are still one of the lowest paying large authorities in terms of our overall top pay bill.

“We continue to review our pay structures regularly. We have a commitment to fair pay and the Living Wage across the council and publish all of this information in our annual pay statement.”