Second set of plans to demolish Victorian house in picturesque Sheffield valley submitted by developers

Developers who were refused permission to demolish a Victorian house in a picturesque Sheffield valley have come back with a new set of plans to bulldoze it.

Wednesday, 19th February 2020, 1:00 pm
Developers have submitted a second set of plans to demolish this Victorian house in Loxley

Residents gave councillors a round of applause after they unanimously voted against knocking down Ash House at 499 Loxley Road and replacing it with two, five-bedroomed homes.

Now developers have come back with a new set of plans to demolish the house and replace it with two, four-bedroomed homes.

Residents say Ash House should be protected and the new homes will still block views of the valley and create parking problems.

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One resident says on the planning application: “I strongly object to these barely changed plans, the site is still overdeveloped. The new plans appear to be a cynical strategy to circumvent the previous planning refusal. It still remains greed over need.”

Another resident says: “The new plans are for two large houses on a plot of land meant for one. The original house would surely be better being left up with an extension added. The beautiful ash tree has already been cut down to make the plot look bigger. The existing old house is in keeping with all the old houses surrounding it.”

Developers say Ash House, dating back to 1885, is run down. Lso Architects say: “Following the refusal of planning permission, the design has been amended in line with the comments received.

“Whilst we appreciate there is a desire to retain the existing cottage, its orientation means that it is impossible to develop the site whilst retaining it and building a second property, despite there being sufficient space on the site to warrant this .

“The cottage is not listed and in a poor state of repair making it an unviable option, in terms of plan layout and configuration it does not lend itself to being extended either.

“We have sat down and discussed a way forward with the planning officer and feel that the alterations made to the scheme appropriately address the concerns raised at committee with respect to redeveloping the site.”

The amended planning application can be viewed here.