Owner of Sheffield waste treatment plant denies it is causing pollution, amid numerous complaints from residents

The owners of a Sheffield waste treatment plant have strongly denied it is creating pollution, despite numerous complaints from nearby residents.

Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 4:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 5:26 pm

Dozens of people living close to the Fletcher plant on Clement Street, Darnall, had objected to its plans to erect a storage and distribution building.

Residents, many from the nearby Horizon estate, said they had suffered years of dust, pollution and odours. Noise was also an issue, with the plant starting early and operating on Saturdays.

But owner Richard Fletcher told councillors he was ‘astounded’ at some of the accusations and said the company had never breached any permits or legislation.

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Fletcher Plant, Darnall

And planning officers said while the council and the Environment Agency had received numerous complaints, there was no evidence that the problems were caused by Fletchers.

Officials had made several unannounced checks at Fletchers but hadn’t found any breaches.

Cabinet member for business development, Coun Mazher Iqbal, spoke on behalf of residents as a Darnall councillor.

He told the meeting: “The issues are air pollution and air quality. There is dust from lorries which are not covered and debris falling from vehicles. The Environment Agency had 65 complaints last year.

here’s pollution on cars and windows and it’s having an impact on people and vegetation.”

Officers said there was no evidence Fletcher’s lorries were uncovered and Mr Fletcher said he did not take complaints lightly.

“We work very closely with the Environment Agency, the Health Safety Executive and the council and are regularly regulated. I am astounded at some of the accusations made.

“We have been there for 38 years and we have had no prosecutions, convictions or breaches of permits.

“I take this very seriously. Our lorries have to be sheeted by law and we apply that rigorously.

“We have had many inspections and have always been found to be in good order. There are plenty of other people in the area which don’t operate properly but it’s automatically assumed it’s coming from our site. We are not the only people on that road by any means.”

Councillors approved the new building but asked officers to look again at residents’ complaints.