New 20mph limit introduced in congested Sheffield neighbourhood - but some residents think the worst roads have been left out

A new 20mph limit in one of Sheffield’s most congested neighbourhoods has been welcomed - though some residents say it misses out the worst roads for speeding traffic.

Thursday, 13th February 2020, 4:00 pm
Some Hillsborough side streets will be subject to a 20mph limit

Hillsborough residents have given overwhelming support to lower speed limits on side streets but several have asked for the scheme to go even further.

Some residents, and Cycle Sheffield, want Ben Lane, Dykes Hall Road and Wadsley Lane to be included in the lower speed limit while others have called for traffic calming humps and speed indicator signs.

One resident said: “On most of the roads included in the scheme, drivers would struggle to get much past 20mph anyway as they are short, narrow, residential roads with lots of parked cars on both sides, so is it really worth spending the money here?

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“Wouldn’t the money be better spent calming traffic on roads like Far Lane, perhaps with a solar powered speed reminder with a smiley and sad face.”

Another said: “Most of the areas designated are so heavily parked that traffic is already moving at or little more than 20mph.”

And a third added: “It’s a shame this will not be supported by speed bumps in key areas, as we often have cars speeding over 30mph down Fielding Road to join up with Penistone Road.”

The 20mph roads will have signs and road markings but don’t include any physical traffic calming measures.

Highway officers say it’s not possible to have 20mph on major roads. In a report, they say: “Broadly speaking, residential roads where average speeds are 24mph or below will automatically be considered suitable.

“Roads with average speeds of between 24mph and 27mph will be considered on a case by case basis using Department for Transport guidelines.

“Roads where the average speed is above 27mph will not be included unless additional funding can be identified for traffic calming measures.

“Ben Lane, Dykes Hall Road and Wadsley Lane have average vehicle speeds exceeding 27mph, the upper limit of the council’s criteria for inclusion within a 20mph speed area. It is recommended that they retain their current 30mph speed limits.”