More than 500 people get help after using Spice

Director of Public Health Greg FellDirector of Public Health Greg Fell
Director of Public Health Greg Fell
More than 500 people who used the drug Spice were treated in Sheffield last year.

The drug has unpredictable side effects and people are often described as being in zombie-like trances after taking it.

Sheffield health chiefs say there has been a slow but steady progress in treating users since a Spice clinic was set up on a Thursday afternoon at Sidney Street last July.

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Greg Fell, director of public health, said: “Since the Spice clinic was set they have averaged around 10 to 12 unique individuals per every three months.

“It’s been slow but steady and we’re pleased given this cohort would have been unlikely to access treatment before we made a specific intervention for them

“It includes people who have been brought down by workers from other support services and the service also carries out weekly outreach to the 911 Project, Lincoln Court Salvation Army hostel for women and Archer Project where they deliver interventions to people using Spice.

“The service delivered treatment to over 500 individuals in 2018/19. It will include some individuals who are using Spice alone but haven’t accessed via the clinic and people who use Spice alongside other non-opiate drugs and alcohol.”

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Mr Fell said from April 2020 there would be an emphasis on reaching people in communities.

“We want to increase the service presence in the community and provide an immediate response to gatherings of people using drugs to provide support and intervention. We hope this will help to avoid arrests and unnecessary criminalisation.”

For free, confidential advice call Sheffield Treatment and Recovery Team on 0114 305 0500.

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