‘Magical’ future could be lined up for imposing former Rotherham Methodist chapel

A successful Rotherham charity which provides support for children and teenagers could move to an imposing former Methodist chapel in the town centre for its workshops base, if councillors approve the scheme.

By Paul Whitehouse
Wednesday, 3rd July 2019, 5:51 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd July 2019, 5:51 pm
Magical future? This Moorgate Street chapel could become a base for writing charity Grimm & Co
Magical future? This Moorgate Street chapel could become a base for writing charity Grimm & Co


Grimm & Co is currently based elsewhere in the town centre, in a former pub building which has been imaginatively converted to help stimulate the imagination of visitors.

Now it wants to move to the former Talbot Lane Methodist chapel, opposite the town hall in Moorgate Street.

Their plans would involve converting the interior of the building, which would involve an increase in floor space, with some retail space and a cafe in addition to the workshops which form the heart of their trade.

The organisation offers support to “under-resourced” children and young people, with the objective of improving confidence and skills with creativity and writing.

It is expected the premises would support 13 full time workers, with a range of workshops aimed at motivating those taking part to write.

The building is Grade II Listed, which means it needs planning permission for changes and although the exterior would remain as it currently appears, the interior would be changed to provide suitable accommodation for retail stalls and workshop space.

It is envisaged in good weather some stalls may also appear outdoors.

The site falls just outside the ‘official’ retail area of the town centre and a report put to planners states: “Grimm & Co have successfully operated as an Apothecary for Magical beings from their existing town centre premises which was a refurbishment of a public house consisting of a delightful curved facade and uniquely shaped internal volumes.

“The model is so successful because of Grimm & Co’s teams attention to detail and an insistence of creating an authentic and wondrous environment.

“The concept invites children into the imaginary and motivates strong creative writing skills.

“For this model to successfully translate to a new location, it is vital that a building has the capacity to capture an appropriate setting for an authentic apothecary.

“Grimm & Co’s success has led them to need a greater amount of flexible floor area.”

A decision on the application will be made later.