Ice cream vendors to take Sheffield Council to court after cold war

Sheffield ice cream vendors have called for a judicial review of the council’s decision to revoke their trading licence after a year of rows.

Thursday, 19th December 2019, 11:34 am

Speaking at a meeting of the council’s licensing committee, Andrew Cuneo, who runs Cuneo’s which is Sheffield’s oldest ice cream family business, said: "I've been over this and fought in so many of these meetings now and I'm not changing my mind and neither are you, so let the court make the decision.

"This has all been said before, you're interfering and taking family's livelihoods from them for no reason other than somebody sat in an office moving bus stops around. And it's wrong, kicking the working people into the curb and doing what you want.

"Fundamentally this is bullying, it's like: 'If you dare challenge us you will have to take on the might of the council'. Well, I'm going to take the council on and we'll let the judge decide."

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Ice cream vendors are calling for a judicial review of Sheffield Council’s decision to revoke their trading licence

It follows two traffic regulation orders which bans drivers from parking on Clarkehouse Road, near Botanical Gardens.

Andrew said he and another team of ice cream vendors - who were also at the meeting - continued to operate in their normal licensed spot but were continually hit with parking fines.

The council said they made the decision to ban parking on the road after a number of cycling accidents.

Mr Cuneo said: "Six hours a day we are there, we're the people who actually know what goes off - not people sat in an office looking at figures. On the last two days we traded, on the Sunday there was just three cyclists that used the road and two on the Saturday. Yet Ecclessall Road and London Road have many accidents."

Customers queue for an ice cream from the Cuneo's van at the Peace Gardens

Ultimately, the licensing committee decided to revoke their licence, saying the traffic regulation order outweighed it.

Councillor Andy Bainbridge, committee chair, said: “It’s not been an easy decision and we’ve not come to a quick decision.

“We are aware of the consequences of those previously made decisions on your livelihoods.

“But we have to take into account council policy and TRO does outweigh licence in this case...we cannot go against council policy and will not be renewing your licence today.”

Customers queue for an ice cream from the Cuneo's van at the Peace Gardens