This is how many reports of fly-tipping have been submitted in Sheffield

Fly tipping is on the rise again in Sheffield, following a drop in reports during the nationwide lockdown.

Wednesday, 14th October 2020, 7:00 am

The statistics were revealed in full council members' questions.

Councillor Penny Baker asked Coun Mark Jones, cabinet member for environment, how many reports were made to the council for each month since January.

The figures showed January was the worst month for reports with a total of 1,247, this dropped to around 874 in both February and March followed by a slight rise in April to 940.

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Reports of fly-tipping are on the rise again in Sheffield. Stock picture of fly-tipping taken by Marie Caley

The quietest month for reports was May at 838, but this spiked significantly in June and July with over 1,000 reports in each month.

In total there have been 7,007 reports this year, according to the latest available data - which is up to July.

Coun Baker also asked for the total cost of fly tipping on the council but Coun Jones could not provide this figure.

He said: "We do not have this information as the majority of fly tipping is on the highway network, the management of which is part of the PFI with Amey. The council pays an overarching management fee to Amey which includes the capital investment in new street lighting and road surfacing as well as day to day maintenance such as fly tipping and litter removal."

It is a criminal offence to fly tip. If caught, offenders can be issued a fine of up to £50,000 or sentenced to 12 months in prison if convicted in Magistrates' Court. In Crown Court the punishment can be an unlimited fine and up to five years in jail.

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