Here is every candidate standing in the Sheffield Council elections next month

The candidates standing for election to Sheffield Council next month have been confirmed and are published in full here.
Sheffield Town Hall.Sheffield Town Hall.
Sheffield Town Hall.

The candidates are broken down by wards.

Voters will go to the polls on May 6. This year’s election will also include a referendum on the way the council is governed, after a campaign by group It’s Our City. Voters will also choose a candidate for the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Beauchief and Greenhill

Geoff Cox, Labour Party

Elizabeth Rachel Finney, Conservative Party Candidate

Graham Robert Marsden, Green Party

Sophie Jane Thornton, Liberal Democrats


Shirley Diane Clayton, Conservative Party Candidate

Gary Drabble, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Julie Gledhill, Labour Party

Anthony Richard Naylor, Green Party

Ann Doreen Woolhouse, Liberal Democrats


James Robert Elwood, Liberal Democrats

Bryan Gerard Lodge, Labour Party

Steven Dominic Winstone, Conservative Party Candidate

Alan Bernard Armour Yearsley, Green Party

Broomhill and Sharrow Vale

Richard Foster, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Brian Dean Holmshaw, Green Party

Alison Jane Norris, Labour and Co-operative Party

Thomas Howard Oulton, Conservative Party Candidate

Tom Parkin, Liberal Democrats


Mustafa Ali Ahmed, Green Party

Mary Perpetua Aston, Liberal Democrats

Shane Harper, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

James Peter Jamison, Independent

Alex Martin, Yorkshire Party

Khalil Richard, Conservative Party Candidate

Safiya Saeed, Labour Party


Matthew Robert Dwyer, Labour Party

Edward Higgins , Conservative Party Candidate

Douglas James Preston Johnson, Green Party

Hashim Ali Abbas Mahroof, Liberal Democrats

Crookes and Crosspool

Bex Atkinson, Liberal Democrats

Brightmore Kunaka, Conservative Party Candidate

Ruth Marion Milsom, Labour Party

Rebecca Mulvaney, Green Party

Gareth O'Shanks, Yorkshire Party


Joydu Al-Mahfuz, Green Party

Mazher Iqbal, Labour Party

Adil Shaffaq Mohammed, Liberal Democrats

Chris Pitchfork, Conservative Party Candidate

Diane Spencer, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Dore and Totley

Dave Applebaum, Green Party

Sara Louise Chinchen, Conservative Party Candidate

Samantha Heather Nicholson, Labour Party

Colin Arthur Ross, Liberal Democrats

East Ecclesfield

Adam James Allcroft, Conservative Party Candidate

Andy Bainbridge, Labour Party

Alex James Robertson, Yorkshire Party

Abigail Ann Rose Stephenson, Green Party

Alan Geoffrey Woodcock, Liberal Democrats


Andrew Hudson Cowell, Social Democratic Party

Roger Noel Davison, Liberal Democrats

Jason Leman, Green Party

Gordon Ronald Millward, Conservative Party Candidate

Christine Rose, Women's Equality Party

Zoë Jayne Sykes, Labour Party

Firth Park

Marieanne Nicole Elliot, Green Party

Ann Patricia Kingdom, Liberal Democrats

Alan Law, Labour Party

Steve Toone, Conservative Party Candidate

April Worral, Independent


Sue Alston, Liberal Democrats

Jackie Kennedy, Labour Party

Christine Margaret Saunders, Conservative Party Candidate

Nathan James Strathdee, Green Party

Gleadless Valley

Alexi James Dimond, Green Party

John Dryden, Liberal Democrats

Andrew Mustoe, Conservative Party Candidate

Becky Payne, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Janet Hilary Ridler, Labour Party

Graves Park

Seun Ajao, Conservative Party Candidate

Ian Auckland, Liberal Democrats

Lucy Elizabeth Critchlow, Green Party

Edd Mustill, Labour Party


Lesley Blyth, Conservative Party Candidate

Adam Joshua Cook Calvert, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Christine Gilligan Kubo, Green Party

Bob Johnson, Labour Party

Will Sapwell, Liberal Democrats

Manor Castle

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Jack Patrick Carrington, Your Local Yorkshire Party Candidate

Ruth Flagg-Abbey, Green Party

Stephanie Jane Kenning Liberal Democrats

Anne Marie Murphy, Labour and Co-operative Party

Alistair Tice, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Ian Geoffery Walker, Conservative Party Candidate


Kurtis Jenson Crossland, Liberal Democrats

Tony Downing, Labour Party

Mark Thomas Finney, Conservative Party Candidate

Julie Anne White, Green Party

Adam Wood, Reform UK

Nether Edge and Sharrow

John Westley Chapman, Conservative Party Candidate

Holly Johnson, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

John Ferguson Kennedy, Yorkshire Party

Maroof Ahmed Raouf, Green Party

Gareth Edward Slater, Labour Party

Patricia Ann White, Liberal Democrats

Park and Arbourthorne

Richard Blyth, Conservative Party Candidate

Dave Dillner, Green Party

Phil Shaddock, Liberal Democrats

Sophie Jane Wilson, Labour Party


David Charles Barker, Labour Party

Robert Burns, Reform UK

Mike Drabble, Labour Party

Catherine Sarah Hartley, Green Party

Brian Kus, Reform UK

Claire Lord, Conservative Party Candidate

Dean O'Brien, Conservative Party Candidate

Eilidh MacGillivray Pattie, Liberal Democrats

Susan Elizabeth Ross, Liberal Democrats

Eamonn Charles Ward, Green Party

Shiregreen and Brightside

Diane Wainwright Leek, Liberal Democrats

Milton John Pennefather, Green Party

Peter Price, Labour Party

Zoe Michelle Steane, Conservative Party Candidate


Tony Damms, Labour and Co-operative Party

Andrew Philip Hards, Green Party

Mick Lee, Reform UK

Antony May, Conservative Party Candidate

Rob Reiss, Liberal Democrats


Craig Gamble Pugh, Labour and Co-operative Party

Luke Thomas Buckingham Liddle, Conservative Party Candidate

Callum Edwin Alan Sweet, Green Party

Michael Joseph Virgo, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Richard Neil Williams, Liberal Democrats

Stocksbridge and Upper Don

Lisa Anne Jean Banes, Labour Party

Martin Charles Brelsford, Liberal Democrats

Lewis Robert Chinchen, Conservative Party Candidate

Jack Clarkson, Independent

Danny Davies, Reform UK

David Willington, Green Party


Irshad Akbar, Liberal Democrats

Fran Belbin, Labour and Co-operative Party

Ann Butler, Women's Equality Party

Joe Hibbert, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Bernard James Little, Green Party

Eve Millward, Conservative Party Candidate

West Ecclesfield

Kathy Aston, Green Party

John Charles Booker, Reform UK

Adam Hurst, Labour Party

Kevin John Mahoney, Conservative Party Candidate

Jonathan Ogle, Yorkshire Party

Ann Christine Whitaker, Liberal Democrats


Phil Edwardson, Liberal Democrats

Gordon C. Gregory, Conservative Party Candidate

Liam Kesh Hardy, Green Party

Mick Rooney, Labour Party Candidate