City centre residents say “enough is enough” over bar plans to open until 4am

Councillors living in “the leafy suburbs of Sheffield” have no idea what it’s like coping with noise and anti-social behaviour in the city centre, an angry resident says.

Wednesday, 15th May 2019, 11:19 am
Updated Monday, 20th May 2019, 12:04 pm
Soyo bar

Neighbours living close to Soyo on Rockingham Street are objecting to plans by the bar to open until 4am every day.

The bar has applied to open between 8am and 4am seven days a week. In an application, it says: “The extended hours are warranted by the taxi rank on Rockingham Street serving the immediate bars and restaurants and takeaways open until at least 4am within metres of Soyo.”

But it’s prompted complaints from some residents in nearby Smithfield apartments who say “enough is enough”.

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One resident said in an objection letter: “I live on the second floor looking at Rockingham Street and at present I am woken almost every night to the sound of vulgar drunk abusive language at three or four in the morning.

“A taxi rank has also appeared right below where my apartment is. Surely the council needs to start cleaning up Sheffield by shortening opening hours?

“It’s a disgrace and having lived here for the last three years with my 15-year-old son I have definitely seen the worst carry on ever.

“Councillors – you all probably live in the leafy suburbs of Sheffield and have no idea what it’s like. Sheffield needs cleaning up, don’t let it get worse. Enough is enough.”

Another resident says: “Since extended opening hours were granted to Soyo back in 2015, the quality of living within my Smithfield apartment has significantly deteriorated.

“My neighbours and I are regularly woken up in the early hours due to the noise from customers leaving the bar, the loud police and ambulance sirens heard due to increased amount of anti-social behaviour now seen due to the existing extended hours and not to mention the increased number of intoxicated individuals using our car park entrance as a lavatory or litter bin.

“I do recognise the Sheffield city centre nightlife is changing with many bars now open until 4am but I believe Soyo is surrounded by too many residential homes to support this extended license request.”

A third resident says: “This will raise the stress levels and degrade the already not great quality of life in the city centre.

“It will raise even more the noise levels, degrade the appearance of the street and raise air pollution. For our quality of life please do not accept their proposal.”

Soyo was unavailable for comment.

The planning application can be viewed here: