Calls made for Stagecoach to introduce £1 student fares on Supertram

Supertram bosses have been urged to implement a lower fare for thousands of students across Sheffield.

Friday, 25th October 2019, 7:41 pm
Updated Wednesday, 30th October 2019, 12:39 pm
Jake Verity from Sheffield University Students' Union who are lobbying Stagecoach for student fares on trams

Jake Verity, who heads up Sheffield University’s Students’ Union said reducing prices for students to a £1 would encourage more to use trams.

Both First and Stagecoach have previously re-introduced £1 fares on buses after lobbying by student groups. Supertram does not currently have a student concessionary fare.

Mr Verity, who previously, made submissions at a Sheffield City Region transport panel, said it was cheaper and quicker to catch a train from Sheffield Midland to Meadowhall.

With a 16 to 25 railcard, a single to Meadowhall from the city centre costs £1.40 with a travel time of five minutes. A journey by tram costs £2.50 taking 17 minutes.

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But Supertram bosses poured cold water on the proposals and said the discounted fare ‘would not be sustainable’.

“We’ve got lots of students across the Sheffield City Region but more broadly it’s really important when they come here they can get out to see the city,” Mr Verity said.

“There’s Meadowhall, the Arena, Hillsborough stadium for example and there’s loads of things they can get involved in the community and for them to do that really cheaply makes it easier to access.

“I’d really like to work with Supertram so students can just get on board with a student fare.

“The more students we can get on a tram and get out to see Sheffield the better because it’s got so much to offer.

“Transport really matters to students they come from all across the UK along with many international students … getting around the city cheaply and quickly will benefit everyone.

“If we encourage students to get on the tram and make it affordable then they would absolutely use the service so much more.”

A Supertram spokesman said: “We are always focused on offering the best value travel we can for all customers, including young people.

“Our popular discounted Unirider tickets already offer discounted fares for students throughout the city and students can also benefit from reduced fares on Stagecoach bus services, which serve the majority of the student population.

“We are very happy to meet with the students’ union to discuss any proposals they have. However, such a deeply discounted fare would not be sustainable for tram services in the city."