Block of more than 500 student bedrooms planned for Sheffield city centre set for approval

Sheffield Council’s planning committee is set to decide if plans to build a block of more than 500 student beds can go ahead.

Wednesday, 2nd December 2020, 12:30 pm

Demolition of existing buildings at the site bounded by Hollis Croft and Broad Lane, in the city centre, is proposed to make way for the 10 to 27 storey development.

If approved, it will be a mix of 69 cluster flats and 45 studios with associated facilities, servicing, access and landscaping.

In a report on the plans, council officers recommended it for approval.

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Sheffield City Hall

They said: “The proposal will provide the high density redevelopment of a sustainably located brownfield site.

“The design of the scheme is considered acceptable and will create a high quality, visually distinct tower that will create a local landmark.

“The development will provide future residents with acceptable living conditions and will not have an unacceptable detrimental impact on the living conditions of existing residents.

“The commitment to provide a financial contribution towards the implementation of a Controlled Parking Zone traffic management scheme is regarded as a positive element of the scheme, which will ensure that the development does not harm the local highway environment.

“The negative aspects of the development in terms of the daylight and sunlight impacts have been explained and the overshadowing issues acknowledged. It is concluded that any concerns are outweighed by the overall benefits of the proposal.”

There were no letters of representations made.

The council’s planning and highways committee is set to make a decision on the plans in a meeting on Tuesday, December 8 from 2pm.


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