Beauty salon deemed "not dignified enough" for Victorian street by Sheffield residents

Plans for a beauty salon have prompted complaints from residents - with claims it is not dignified enough for their Victorian neighbourhood and damages body image.

Wednesday, 9th September 2020, 7:00 am

A former architect's office on Moor Oaks Road in Broomhill could be changed into a salon with four treatment rooms.

The large Victorian building is in Broomhill conservation area and is described by planning officers as an attractive stone property with bay windows

Fifteen residents on Moor Oaks Road, Marlborough Road, Elmore Road and Highnam Road have complained, with many saying parking is already incredibly difficult for those living in the area.

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Residents are objecting to this Victorian property being turned into a beauty salon

There has also been more unusual reasons. One resident said: "I have a moral objection to this business being located in a residential area that is densely populated with under 18s, students and young professionals.

"Body image issues are highly prevalent in this population and I worry that having a business centred around beauty in direct eye line could have a detrimental effect on the mental health of local residents."

Another resident said: "It is in a beautiful Victorian house that was built with a covenant on it to be a 'dignified' property. A beauty shop, dignified?"

Residents want the salon to go to Broomhill shopping precinct instead but planning officers are advising councillors to approve it because there are no planning grounds to turn it down.

Councillors will decide at a meeting on Tuesday, September 15, and the application can be viewed here:

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