Clear-up completed at Sheffield car park used by thieves, drug users and couples having sex

A clear-up has been completed at Sheffield car park which has been labelled a 'hiding place for thieves, a secret lair for drug takers and dark corner for secret sex sessions’.

Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 9:49 am

The hedges around the car park next to Ecclesfield Road, Shiregreen, had been left to become overgrown over several years and had developed into what nearby residents described as a hiding place which had been attracting anti-social behaviour.

Residents, who said they were scared to use the car park because of the problem, had complained to the council, but nothing had been done.

But after the Star raised their concerns, the local authority contacted residents over the issue – and now, after removing fly tipped rubbish which had been dumped there, the council has also cut down the hedges, which residents believe means there are no more hiding places there.

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The car park off Ecclesfield Road in Shiregreen. Picture Scott Merrylees

Delighted resident Cristina Boylett said the work which has now been done had made a huge difference.

She said: “Residents are smiling and feeling more confident about going to their cars.

She said cameras which had been installed on residents homes and trained on the car park would now be able to monitor it.

She added: “CCTV can pick up any crime, especially to our vehicles. I'm confident this will lower the crime rate.”

The car park next to Ecclesfield Road has been cleared up

Residents say they have been leaving their cars in the car park for over two decades, since Sheffield Council built it so that residents did not have to park in the street.

Before that there had been concerns about the safety of parking cars on the road outside their homes.

After the bushes became overgrown, residents had complained that people hid behind them and had damaged residents’ cars. She herself had seen letters scratched into her bonnet that she would have to pay over £100 to repair.

Neighbours have seen windows smashed and people have reported having registration plates stolen from their cars while they were parked there.

The car park off Ecclesfield Road in Shiregreen before action was taken. Picture Scott Merrylees

There have also been incidents of fly tipping and couples using the parking area to have sex in their cars.

Residents have also complained of drug taking there.

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