Campaign launched to plant a 'mini forest' on Sheffield estate

Residents are calling on Sheffield Council to turn unused land into a community tree planting project.

By Molly Williams, Local Democracy Reporter
Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 9:53 am

So far, 21 people have signed a petition to make a ‘mini forest’ in New Flower Estate, Wincobank, in front of Roman Ridge Care Home.

Pawel Cichy started the petition and in his petition statement he said: “It requires periodic cutting by a tractor and is not attractive to look at. Lack of regular maintenance and vision for the land result in frequent complaints to the council by home owners and care home residents.

“[The] proposed solution is to use the land as a tree planting community project. Sheffield has got a long-standing reputation as a green city and there are great air quality and mental wellbeing benefits to being surrounded by trees.

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The site.

“Using the land in this way will put a stop to any development plans which would be detrimental to our neighbourhood. By carefully selecting native and slow growing trees, we’ll be able to enjoy a great panorama of Greno Woods for years to come.”

Find the petition here: