Apartment plan for former Sheffield military barracks

Part of a former military barracks in Sheffield could be converted into apartments and offices.
Hillsborough Barracks.Hillsborough Barracks.
Hillsborough Barracks.

Hillsborough Barracks on Penistone Road is already a popular place to shop and now its Dragoon Court could be given a new lease of life with plans for 32 apartments

Each building within the Barracks has grade-II listed status for historical importance but there has been a lack of demand for the majority of the offices and the building has stood largely empty for some time.

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Architects Headoffice3, on behalf of developers, say in a planning application: “This proposed scheme seeks to provide an alternative use, prolonging the building’s lifespan.

“The proposal is primarily for the change of use of the existing offices to create 32, one-bedroomed apartments, whilst keeping the integrity of the historic building of Dragoon Court. Minimal external changes have been proposed to retain the character of the building.”

Hillsborough Barracks were built in 1848 and were in use until the 1930s. Since then, in more recent years, the Barracks have undergone several redevelopments and are now made up of a large complex of shops and businesses.

Headoffice3 says: “Dragoon Court was originally built as Infantry Quarters until its use ceased in the 1930s. Since then the building has been used an industrial workshops, before being converted into flats in 1990.

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“In more recent years the building has been established as offices, however this use has reduced in its requirement, leaving the building mostly empty and unused.

“Dragoon Court was awarded grade II listing in 1995, along with the various other buildings within the Barracks.

“The intention is to create new living spaces for residents, encouraging more people into Hillsborough, whilst renovating a previously under-utilised historic building, creating a new use which protects its heritage and character.”

The planning department is considering the application