Antisocial behaviour leaving Page Hall residents “frightened, worried and anxious”

Residents say they are frightened and cannot sleep because they are being plagued by antisocial behaviour from up to 30 people gathering at night, sometimes urinating outside their homes.

Monday, 12th July 2021, 12:30 pm
The grass area near to Wensley Close

Neighbours on the Wensley estate at Page Hall brought a 25-name petition to a recent council meeting to beg for help.

A spokesman told the meeting: “I’m speaking on behalf of tenants of the Wensley estate, in particular Wensley Close. I’ve lived there for more than 10 years, like other residents.

“We live in front of a green area and an open space next to a substation between Wensley Close and Wade Street. Unfortunately groups of youths and adults, sometimes more than 30 people, congregate there until midnight every day.

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“I have supported with my petition pictures and evidence showing the groups and the times and different days.

“They cause antisocial behaviour, they play football on a solid ground next to our houses, play loud music and shout.

“They also throw litter and unfortunately they urinate on the public area in front of our houses, which is a bit despicable.

“It’s affecting our quality of lives, we cannot sleep. It makes us feel anxious and worried. We feel frightened to go out and our children also feel frightened.”

Residents say the problem is getting worse. The petitioner added: “There’s already a fence there next to a substation so they can increase that to include the area where they play football.

“They could also add an extra football ground to the main park on the Wensley estate. There’s an open area where there’s a lot of facilities so they could add an extra football field so youths who are congregating in front of our house can move to Wensley park.”

Sheffield Council said it is sending officers to meet with residents and look at potential solutions.

Coun Alison Teal, Executive member for parks, said: “It’s really great to hear that your community are having ideas and putting forward solutions so thank you for that.

“I’ve heard the awful conditions you’re coping with and the antisocial behaviour and I completely agree it’s unacceptable.”