Stretton Road, Sheffield: Angry residents blockade street in protest over speeding drivers

Residents angry about speeding traffic rat running through their neighbourhood are blockading a road in protest today.

Friday, 11th February 2022, 1:30 pm

Hunter’s Bar neighbours say the area needs traffic calming measures and resident only parking.

They are taking direct action and blocking traffic from Stretton Road today from 7.30am to 10am. A petition to the council is also being organised.

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Campaign for traffic safety measures at Hunter's Bar near Ecclesall Road in Shef...

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Residents living around Hunter's Bar will block Stretton Road to protest about speeding traffic.

One of the protesters, Alan McGauley said: “A meeting was initially organised by some Pinner Road residents but they were joined by others from Hunter House, Guest and Penrhyn Roads.

“There was a consensus that the rat running down Hunter House and Stretton Road posed a real threat and that traffic calming measures needed to be introduced.

“In addition, there was a call for residents only parking. This had been rejected by a vote 15 years ago but the area has changed considerably since then, with students being replaced by families.”

Mr McGauley said it would be a small demonstration to highlight the issue.

He added: “Cars speeding from Psalter Lane down to Ecclesall Road are a danger to pedestrians, particularly children.

Parking is very difficult for residents including those who require carers, are carers themselves, people with limited mobility and families with young children and heavy shopping.

“We see people parking all day and travelling to town by bus and also people who don’t want to pay to shop nearby.

“We want to engage in constructive dialogue to see what could work for everyone.”