Ambitious campaign predicts '10,000 green jobs in Sheffield could replace those lost to Covid in just two years'

Campaigners will gather in Sheffield city centre this weekend to talk about green jobs and how they could shore up the economy post pandemic.

Friday, 23rd April 2021, 12:49 pm

The Green Jobs for All campaign says in Sheffield around 10,000 green jobs could replace those lost to Covid in just two years, with more than 30,000 across South Yorkshire.

After 10 years there could be over 23,000 new green jobs in Sheffield and around 66,500 across South Yorkshire.

On Saturday people will gather in a Covid responsible way outside the Town Hall to explain.

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City centre.

At 11.30am and 12 noon, people who work in a green job will present their personal stories, including a student, a healthcare worker, a food grower, a home insulator, a solar energy generator and zero hours worker.

Green New Deal UK predicts Sheffield is likely to suffer more than 6,000 permanent job losses due to the pandemic and there needs to be an investment of around £250 to £300 million per year for two years in green jobs

These would be in sectors like solar energy, offshore wind, social care and energy efficiency buildings, which are essential to the UK meeting its national and international climate targets.

Event organiser Joan Miller said: “South Yorkshire has seen many job losses over the years as the industrial landscape of the region has changed, with the loss of the coal mining industry and the decline in employment within steel manufacturing due in part to automation.

“This time it is very important that there is a properly organised transition and that includes supporting employees to retrain and develop new skills in order to have a career in a greener industry.”