Aldi wants to open opposite Sheffield Wednesday’s ground – but objectors fear of ‘Americanisation’ of Hillsborough

The supermarket would literally only be a couple of metres from Hillsborough Stadium.The supermarket would literally only be a couple of metres from Hillsborough Stadium.
The supermarket would literally only be a couple of metres from Hillsborough Stadium.
Aldi has revealed its plans to build a new supermarket next to Hillsborough Stadium.

A planning application has been submitted for a new Aldi to be built on a 5.1ha, triangular-shaped land opposite Sheffield Wednesday’s ground on Penistone Road.

Aldi also wants outline permission for two drive-through restaurants, two trade/builders merchants units, a drive-through coffee shop, two other units and an electric vehicle charging hub.

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The proposal would see the budget supermarket open with a sales area of 1,356 sq. m with 1,910 sq. m gross internal area (1,998 sq. m gross external area) – and the scheme would also provide a total of 155 customer and staff car parking spaces including six disabled, eight parent and child spaces, four electric vehicle charging spaces and nine cycle hoops.

Documents say the site has been designed to create an open site when viewed from Penistone Road North to allow ease of access and natural policing to the car park area. Along with a high-quality public realm and strong pedestrian links from Penistone Road North and Herries Road.

The application has also received two written complaints – including one on behalf of the Upper Don Trail Trust.

An objector claimed that the development would result in the “further significant degradation of the important Penistone Road cycle route” and the area does not need another supermarket.

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He said: “The entrance on Penistone Road will add significantly to the danger for cyclists on the cycle path who will be having to cross an uncontrolled slip road leading straight off the carriageway.

“It degrades an already unsafe but important cycle route putting cyclists at greater risk and dissuading more people from choosing active travel.

“Unfortunately the development not only makes life more hazardous for active travellers, it actively promotes more car ownership and use by incorporating multiple drive-through businesses as well as the supermarket itself.

“This is an ‘Americanisation’ of Hillsborough that is not welcome. There is no need for it as there are similar offerings already around the nearby Sainsbury and Morrisons supermarkets.”

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Consultants working on the scheme said the land already benefits from detailed planning for a similar scheme so, even if planners reject this latest bid, a supermarket and shops could still be built.

A decision on the application is expected to be made by March 1.