Politicians have not kept 70 years’ peace in Europe

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Paul Blomfield is an idiot if he believes that the British people will swallow his pro-European gibberish.

Never in the history of humanity has a war been started by an average everyday man or woman on the street. Wars used to be started by royalty but now by politicians or politicians dressed up as holy men.

Wars are not in the interests of the everyday chap, because after all the blustering and posturing, the planning and subterfuge of the political class it is generally the everyday chap that spends the last moments of his or her life looking at their steaming entrails running down the gutter before drifting away into the great unknown.

Politicians and holy men rarely bleed for their cause, instead they make speeches about sacrifice safe at home far away from the carnage.

So, for Paul to place the credit of this so called 70 years of European peace (did he forget the Yugoslavian war that took the lives of 100,000?) firmly at the door of the EU is disingenuous. It is the view of many millions that politicians are little more than opportunistic parasites who would better serve the people by crawling under a rock.

Do politicians believe Hans will not want to sell Mercedes cars to Britain or that Pascal will no longer export Champagne to us or that the bars of Spain and Greece will no longer sell Scottish whisky while refusing to sell us olives and fine Feta cheese? Business will take care of itself. But we will no longer have to pay £50m a day to a club that has brought no benefit to the everyday working men and women in Britain.

Time for change, I hope you voted UKIP.