“Political inculcation is alive and well in our schools and universities”

This letter to The Star is from Mike Wilson, High Green

Children, (that is what they are), protesting about something of which the majority have little knowledge, egged on by their politically left-leaning teaching staff.

Aided and abetted by media which asks NO searching questions, and seemingly accepts everything that is said as gospel, whilst at the same time pushing the line that the voting age should be reduced to 16.

Political inculcation is alive and well in our schools and universities. We should be worried. Where is the drive to teach independent critical thinking?

Global warming/climate change is caused by burning fossil fuels, and massively increasing population growth.

They should focus their ire on countries like China, India and the USA.

They have no idea how these major polluters are to find the resources to move away from coal, gas and oil.

It is not until these major powers take up the cudgel that we will see discernible change.

The UK is among the leaders in the world for using renewables, and continues to lead the way in research and innovation.

As of 2017, UK emissions were 42 per cent below 1990 levels, about halfway to the current 2050 target.

We’ve done the easy stuff. The painful stuff is yet to come, let’s see how much they protest when they will be the ones paying for it.

They insist that the government should do more, but they offer no alternatives or ideas.

“Do more” is a facile mantra.

It is a protest that embodies hypocrisy and blind entitlement to blame others while carrying on your privilege.

While turning up to protest climate change, they carry mobile phones that use cobalt, mined by child slaves.

They wear throwaway clothes produced by cheap labour in Asia, and return to lives where plastics are consumed indiscriminately, eating fast food afterwards.

What do most 16-year-olds know about anything, that they haven’t blindly learned from their addiction to social media and reality TV?