Polish family are a credit to Sheffield

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Although the thick snow brought most things to a standstill over the weekend, life does go on.

Orla, Domonik and Miya helped clear snow from the paths and steps where pensioners live.

Nothing really unusual in that, you might think, but this family along with husband and father Paul come from Poland, Katowice to be precise, and they are one of the nicest families I’ve met.

Paul works as a bus driver and Orla works part time.

I can honestly say that not for a long time have I seen children clearing snow for older people.

This family is a credit to Sheffield. I wish most of our neighbours were like them. They are decent, hardworking and they have brought their children up to respect people, something that is not seen on this estate to often.

I personally would prefer an estate of Polish families like Paul and Orla instead of some of the people that infest this area.

Strangely enough, I worked for more than 20 years with a Polish chap called Tony Dylla. He was also from Katowice.

Sadly, Tony passed away a few years ago, but he was a lovely man and had a very hard life in his early teens. He was taken by the Germans to work on a farm, from which he escaped and made his way to England.

I’m sure he told me he joined the paratroopers and jumped at Arnhem.

I have never ever met a Polish person who didn’t work, they were, kind, generous to a fault and they would give you their last penny.

Mary, my wife and me feel it quite a privilege to know Paul, Orla, Domonik and Miya, especially the children.

They are always ready for a chat, especially Miya, she could talk the proverbial “hind leg off a donkey”, she’s fantastic.

All I can say is it’s Poland’s loss and our gain that the whole family came to live on Gleadless Valley.

Vin Malone, S14

n SNOWED in on Saturday, the doorbell went and two young men were stood there with shovels.

They said we’ve just cleared the path for you, so I went to get my purse.

They said, no we don’t want paying we were friends with Jamie , mygrandson who died in 2011, and we still miss him.

This made me cry so they gave me a big hug and went. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask their names. There are still some caring young people and on Parson Cross, too.

Anne Gray