Police warning to motorists as 4x4s are stolen to order

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Police are urging 4x4 owners to up their security and be alert to suspicious activity after a number of Land Rover thefts across Sheffield.

Detective Chief Inspector Zaf Ali said: “We believe these thefts are happening because there is a ready market for cheap vehicle parts and 4x4s are often being stolen to order and stripped for spare parts, which are then distributed across the UK and potentially overseas. We are working with vehicle manufacturers and retailers and carrying out regular patrols in key areas across the city. However, we do need the public to help us by being vigilant.”

Crime Reduction Officer Dene Tinker said owners should use a ‘Sold Secure’ or ‘Thatcham’ approved full Disklok or pedal guard especially when leaving their vehicle overnight.

Vehicle parts could be security-marked, anti-theft property marking stencils can be used, and a tracking device should be considered. Factory-fitted alarms and immobilisers can be upgraded.

Suspicious activity or information should be passed to South Yorkshire Police by calling 101. Call 999 if a life is at risk or a crime is in progress.