Police warning to keep valuables safe

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POLICE in Sheffield are reminding the public to be cautious and not to leave any valuables on display in their homes, outbuildings or vehicles in the run-up to Christmas.

At this time of the year, opportunist thieves are on the prowl, targeting the homes of those who have stocked up on presents, or leave their homes unattended while off on holiday or visiting relatives.

Sheffield Crime Reduction Officer Dene Tinker said: “We are aware the festive season does provide more opportunities for thieves. Presents displayed under a Christmas trees in view of a window can be big temptation to burglars on the lookout. We would urge everyone just to take a bit of extra care to have a secure and crime free Christmas.

“It’s important that homeowners and residents take some simple steps to protect their valuables and Christmas gifts. We advise people to keep their property secure at all times, and keep it well lit in the evenings and nights.”