Police warning over domestic abuse at Christmas

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Police have issued a zero-tolerance warning over domestic abuse as part of the force’s ongoing alcohol-related crime campaign.

South Yorkshire Police urged people to realise the ‘consequences of engaging in domestic abuse’ this Christmas.

Superintendent Natalie Shaw, the Force lead for domestic abuse said: “We are committed to tackling domestic abuse in all its forms and the Christmas campaign brings this issue to the fore.

“We want to raise awareness that, for some, Christmas time remains a time of fear, intimidation and violence. Offenders need to know that we won’t tolerate this despicable crime.”

Certain crimes tend to peak around Christmas time, with alcohol the common factor associated with increases in antisocial behaviour, sexual offences, domestic abuse and drink driving.

A series of posters and radio adverts have been used across South Yorkshire throughout December to emphasise the ‘lasting consequences’ drinking alcohol can have.

The campaign has been shared via social media with the hashtag #noregrets.

Ms Shaw added: “Alcohol can have devastating consequences in many ways, as our campaign has highlighted, and we know from experience it can seriously increase the risk of domestic violence.

“To try and prevent this from happening, we urge people to consider their actions and the possible consequences. Domestic abuse is a crime and alcohol is not an excuse or justification for your behaviour.”

To report domestic abuse, call police on 101 or call the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000247, or Victim Support on 0845 3030900.