Police warning issued over Rotherham children using scaffolding as climbing frames

Children have been playing on scaffolding in part of Rotherham
Children have been playing on scaffolding in part of Rotherham
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Parents in Rotherham have been urged to warn their children about the danger of using scaffolding as climbing frames.

Reports have been received of children climbing up scaffolding erected in the Munsbrough area while Rotherham Council carries out some re-roofing work.

In a letter to parents, published on Roughwood Primary School's website, a South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "You may be aware that Rotherham Council is currently carrying out a large scheme of re-roofing work in the Munsbrough area. Scaffolding has been put up against a number of buildings

"It has recently come to our attention that some young people are using the scaffolding as a climbing frame. Both South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council are concerned about incidents such as these.

"During the next few weeks and over the summer holidays, the scaffolding will be in place.

"Please make a point of letting your children know how dangerous climbing can be, particularly climbing on scaffolding. Make sure your children keep away and remember that it is a work place. Items such as tools or pieces of debris may fall from high up so it is also unsafe hanging around at the bottom or underneath the scaffolding.

"Let’s all have a great summer and return to school for the new term unharmed."