Police vow to increase patrols on Sheffield field after yobs use it as a race track

Police have slammed a disrespectful groups of yobs who destroyed a Sheffield field with their cars.

Wednesday, 13th February 2019, 11:33 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th February 2019, 11:37 am
Damage at Sky Edge Field - Credit: Sheffield South East NHP

Officers revealed that, over the weekend, a group of people drove their cars around Sky Edge Field, turning it into a ‘race track’. 

The force uploaded pictures from the filed showing a number of car tracks forming circles in the mud after crashing through the barrier. 

Damage at Sky Edge Field - Credit: Sheffield South East NHP

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Police have now vowed to increase patrols in the area to deal with the behaviour. 

A force spokesperson said: “Some people have no respect.....We are really disappointed this is Sky Edge Field from the weekend.

“Some people have damaged the barriers and then used the playing fields like a race track.... wrecking it!!

“Needless to say we will increase patrols, get the off road bike team as much as possible and continue to try and work with the council to get some changes to stop this.

Damage at Sky Edge Field - Credit: Sheffield South East NHP

“Please complete our survey and give your opinions on what is affecting where you in the the Manor Castle and Park and Arbourthorne area....

“Pretty certain if you live near this it is an issue for you.”

However, while some residents were very grateful for the police intervention in this matter, others labelled it a waste of resources. 

One resident posted: “It makes you quite sad really. People are saying what harm is it doing, no one uses it. The football teams are gone. The kids don't use it. Why? Simple, there is no care.

“The kids don't use it because imbeciles are ragging cars across it. What parent wants their children to play on that? Blaming everyone and everything for the issue, surely the issue is you need to care.

“These are your fields, for your kids, become complacent allow this to continue and you will lose it to housing. Easier to build a house than police an unused field.

“The real problem is that if you don't see this as an issue you have no pride in where you live..... And that right there is a shame.

Another commented: “These people have no consideration for others and just seem to care about their own selfish wants. There are plenty of off road centers where they can go but they just don't care.”

However, another resident said: “Stop worrying about the damage to public fields and start concentrating on damage to people’s property from all the break ins! This is really not at the top of your list.”

Contact 101 with any information.