Police to sell off old police station in Rotherham town and open new base

South Yorkshire PCC Dr Alan Billings
South Yorkshire PCC Dr Alan Billings

A police base is to be set up in Dinnington Resource Centre later this month.

South Yorkshire Police is to sell off its aging station in the town, which has not been used properly for a number of years, and instead the force will rent a room with 24-hour access.

Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings said: “I am delighted to be able to confirm that, from the end of May, there will be a new police presence based at Dinnington Resource Centre.

“Agreement has been reached between South Yorkshire Police and Dinnington Resource Centre Trustees for the police to rent a room with 24-hour access.

“This is a pioneer for the sort of arrangements we are now trying to make across the county.

“Dinnington police station hasn’t been used as such for years and it doesn’t form part of the arrangements for any modern policing in the area. The old police station is to be sold. This will save more than £12,000 a year which can be put to paying for frontline police officers and PCSOs.

“People who call for the re-opening of cold, dark, damp police stations are simply out of touch with the current ways of preventing and tackling crime and anti-social behaviour. They are choosing to heat and light empty offices rather than having boots on the ground. That would be simply inefficient and ineffective.

“Police forces don’t need buildings in the way that they used to do. Now, all officers are being equipped with hand-held IT and laptop computers that allow them to make all their reports from the area they are policing. By doing this, South Yorkshire Police will save about 150,000 policing hours which is currently taken up by travelling from the policing area back and forward to police stations.”