Police team begins crackdown on poor parking on Sheffield estate

A police team is getting tough on dodgy parking on a Sheffield estate.

Officers from Sheffield South East Neighbourhood found cars parked on a pedestrian crossings, yellow lines and some were even blocking junctions in just one morning in Darnall.

These dozy parkers were snapped on Main Road on Friday and officers have put up posters warning them about their actions.

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'Several' fixed penalty notices points were issued in for what officers described as 'unacceptable parking'.

The police team were out in response to a community crime consultation. Along with anti-social behaviour and drug dealing, dodgy parking also came out as a priority.

A spokesman from Sheffield South East NHP said: 'The recent community survey we conducted in Darnall showed that drug dealing, anti-social behaviour and parking issues are all priorities for the local community.

'We've been dealing with all of these issues through a variety of approaches including more visible patrols in neighbourhood hot spots.

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"On Main Road, several drivers were given tickets for unacceptable 'parking'. Road markings are there for a reason: please observe them when parking for the safety of everybody in the area.

'We are committed to making this crossing safe for pedestrians and will not hesitate to enforce the road markings."

People on social media were in support of the police crackdown.

Steve Freeman said: "We need more of this activity it’s double lines for a reason."

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Steve Sharp said the situation on Badger Road in Woodhouse was similar.

He said: "Cars continue to park dangerously on a blind bend on double yellows - surely that is obstruction as well? Especially as it's a bus route. I don't see the difference between the car in the picture and the half a dozen that park there every night."

Becca Spencer added: "(There) was a taxi parked on the double yellows on the corner by Lidl this week - they don't care. Bus struggled to get around."

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