Police TAUNT off-road bikers on Twitter as officers promise crack down in Sheffield

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Police have taken to social media to taunt off-road bikers after one was seized in South Yorkshire this afternoon.

Rotherham North NHP shared details of their success on Twitter in dealing with the ongoing problem and took the opportunity to celebrate.

Off-road bike seized in Sheffield

Off-road bike seized in Sheffield

The force tweeted: "'You can't catch us' We beg to differ. Seized from Bushfield Road #result"

Police in Sheffield are continuing to crack down on the nuisance off road bikes following continued complaints from local residents.

Sheffield North East NHP said they have seen a 'marked increase' in off-road and and anti-social bike activity over the weekend.

Officers revealed that a bike was seized after being ridden in a 'dangerous and anti-social manner' last night and promised the crack down would continue.

A spokesman said: "We hope everyone has enjoyed a well needed weekend of sunshine! Sadly, as always, we know there has been a minority few that seem determined to ruin it for everyone else.

"It is these few that think it is funny to cause a danger to other road users, to children playing, and to themselves and to make other’s lives a misery with their selfish and completely unnecessary behaviour.

"It is these few that think they are completely untouchable; It is these few that will only stop and consider their stupidity when they have seriously injured or killed someone.

"It is these few that the Parson Cross / Southey Team are already starting to identify and target; It is these few that we are trying new and innovative ways to deal with; It is these few that we will do our utmost to bring to justice and get off our streets.

"Please get in touch if you have any information regarding nuisance bikes in the area (who is riding them, what the bikes look like, where they are ridden or where they are stored).

"Any information will be held in the strictest confidence. Let’s work together to make our streets safer."