Police target sale of stolen goods in pubs

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Pubgoers have received a warning that people caught buying stolen goods as well as a drink in Doncaster will be prosecuted.

After a warrant was executed at Baileys bar on Cleveland Street in Doncaster last week, two people were arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods.

The pub licensees are not involved in the investigation, police who made the arrests stressed.

About £100 worth of suspected stolen property was recovered as a result of the raid, as well as £300 in imported tobacco.

The two arrested – a 42-year-old woman and a 44-year-old man – later had their homes searched.

At the woman’s property, on Thorne Road, a further £2,000 of tobacco was seized as well as £150 of suspected stolen toiletries.

Officers today warned that anyone who buys an item – anything ranging from electronic equipment such as laptops and mobile phones, to clothing and beauty products – should be aware that, if it is not from a reputable store, dealer or trader, the chances are it could be stolen.

Anyone found in possession of stolen goods will be dealt with, whether they are aware or not the item is stolen, say police.

Det Chief Insp Craig Robinson said: “We want to urge the public to be aware and to say ‘no’ to making this sort of purchase.

“The more demand there is for stolen goods, the more criminal activity, such as burglaries, will take place.

“If you are caught handling stolen goods, whether intentionally or not, appropriate action will be taken against you.

“If the price is too good to be true, walk away.

“Make sure you buy from reputable sellers.”

He added that if anyone was aware or suspicious of this type of activity, or knew of someone who was selling stolen goods, they can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.