Police target crooks breaking into Sheffield businesses

Burglars have been breaking into businesses in Sheffield
Burglars have been breaking into businesses in Sheffield

Police patrols have been stepped up in Sheffield in a crackdown on burglars targeting businesses.

Overnight on Monday into Tuesday, there were seven raids or attempted break-ins affecting businesses in Mappin Street, Figtree Lane, Gibraltar Street, Division Street, Kettle Street and High Street in the city centre.

Alan Quinlen, co-owner of the Bar Stewards pub on Gibraltar Street, said some businesses in Shalesmoor are fed up of being repeatedly targeted and are now considering closing.

A number of other businesses across the city have also been targeted over recent days, including a hair salon in Market Square, Woodhouse, which had GHD straighteners and cash stolen between 6pm on Wednesday and 7am on Thursday.

A businesses in Richmond Park Road, Handsworth, was broken into between 10am on Tuesday and 9am on Wednesday, and overnight on Sunday a shed was broken into in a yard in Blackburn Road, Shiregreen, with a number of power washers stolen during the raid.

Last week a laptop was stolen from a business in Birley Moor Road, Birley, after a window was smashed to gain entry and tools were stolen from a lock-up at Meadowhall Retail Park.

Police officers said particular attention is being paid to Handsworth, Darnall and the city centre following a spate of recent offences.

Detective Inspector Paul Murphy, responsible for tackling burglary in Sheffield, said suspects are targeted daily and officers patrol areas where there have been offences in a bid to deter criminals from striking again.

"Whether it is a house burglary or a business burglary, these offences are a priority. When businesses are affected the consequences can be far reaching - it can affect livelihoods and jobs for a number of people. Some businesses may have to close," he said.

"With every burglary the priority is to identify the offender and we take that very seriously. We review offences daily, target suspects and areas and aim to have the right resources in the right areas at the right time.

"We also use social media to inform residents about spikes in particular areas so that they can reduce the risk of becoming the next victim. We don't do this to alarm people but to encourage them to take precautions."

DI Murphy warned burglars that the police take business break-ins as seriously as raids of family homes.

"Be rest assured that we are doing everything possible to identify offenders. To us, whether a criminal breaks into a house or a business, it it irrelevant, because burglary is burglary and anyone who thinks it is acceptable to break in and steal property that belongs to others needs to expect to be identified, arrested and prosecuted."

He urged members of the public with information on those responsible to pass on names.

Officers also want people to report suspicious activity.

Anyone with information on burglars active in Sheffield should call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.