Police tackling yobs in Sheffield suburb secure criminal behaviour order

Hartley Brook Road in Shiregreen, Sheffield, where youths would gather and abuse passers-by
Hartley Brook Road in Shiregreen, Sheffield, where youths would gather and abuse passers-by
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Police on a Sheffield estate where yobs were hurling stones and bottles have taken action against a youth involved in the reign of terror.

Police have been working to tackle anti-social behaviour in Shiregreen, which became so bad at one stage last year some residents told how they were afraid to leave their homes.

They said one of the youths responsible had been issued with a referral order and a two-year criminal behaviour order for a 'number of offences' in the area between last September and March this year.

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The orders, issued on Wednesday, mean that should the subject - who cannot be named - break the conditions they will be arrested and put before the courts.

Officers in the area said they had taken the measure as a last resort, having tried to get the youth in question to change their ways.

A police spokesperson said: "There has been a prolonged effort to try and change this youth’s behaviour prior to resorting to prosecution."

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"The Firvale Neighbourhood Team has worked in partnership with other agencies to reduce anti social behaviour within Shiregreen and will continue to do so for the benefit of this community."

Police were last year granted extra powers to tackle abuse by a group of teenagers who were gathering near shops on Hartley Brook Road and abusing members of the public, enabling them to move on unruly youths causing trouble.

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Officers claim their efforts have paid dividends, with crime and anti-social behaviour in the area having fallen dramatically since a new neighbourhood policing team was set up last autumn.