Police seize nuisance bike from teenage rider

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A NUISANCE biker has had his motorcycle seized by police after an operation in Conisbrough.

Police say the teenage rider of the bike was causing a nuisance in the town centre and surrounding areas, by riding in an inconsiderate and dangerous manner.

A police community support officer from the Conisbrough Safer Neighbourhood Team spotted the bike while he was patrolling on Garden Lane, Conisbrough.

He said it was being ridden very close to the central white line of the road and nearly hit a car.

The officer checked the details of the bike and found out that it had already received a previous police warning for being ridden in a dangerous manner. That meant that, under the Police Reform Act, the bike could be seized.

Officers were sent to the registered keeper’s address and the bike was seized from the 17-year-old boy owner.

PCSO Sam Pidgeon from the Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “This bike was a complete nuisance to residents in the area, with many concerned for their safety because of the dangerous manner it was ridden.

“The seizure of this bike should act as a warning to others who choose to own and ride bikes illegally, that they will be caught and their bikes confiscated.”

A police spokesman said Conisbrough Safer Neighbourhood Team had listened to residents’ concerns and seized the bike.