Police seize car after chase around Sheffield hospital car park

Seized car
Seized car
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A car was seized after a police chase in the grounds of a Sheffield hospital.

The car was spotted near Meadowhall and followed by police officers who felt it was being driven 'erratically'.

It was followed to the grounds of the Northern General Hospital, Fir Vale, and chased around the car parks until it was stopped and the driver was arrested.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "The driver is under investigation for a number of offences including theft of vehicle, dangerous driving and failing to stop, plus a multitude of document offences.

"The officer in pursuit is a highly trained person and assesses risk at all times of a pursuit. Some people may think that the pursuit should have been stopped when it entered the hospital grounds. The risk was assessed, there were no pedestrians or vehicles around and so the officer decided at that time it was safe to continue."

he incident took place on Sunday.