Police reveal driver's worrying excuse after early morning M1 crash in Sheffield

Crash on M1 - Credit: SYP Operational Support
Crash on M1 - Credit: SYP Operational Support
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Police have revealed the worrying reason behind this crash on the M1 in Sheffield this morning.

SYP Operational Support revealed that a van crashed into a HGV in the early hours of this morning on the M1 in Sheffield.

Police arrived on the scene and questioned the van driver following the crash.

The driver told officers that they 'must have dozed off' before the smash.

Officers have stressed that drivers must take a break if they're feeling tired on the roads.

SYP Operational Support have not reported any injuries following the crash and, thankfully, the HGV only suffered a broken light.

Road safety charity Brake have reported that one in six crashes that result in death or injury on major roads are fatigue-related.

There is no specific law that states that it is an offence to drive when you are tired but there is an increased chance of a driver committing an offence when tired.

However, if you are found to have been asleep when an accident occurred, depending on the severity of the collision and any injuries sustained, then you could find yourself charged with dangerous driving.

Safer Motoring have advised drivers to stop every two hours for at least 15 minutes and, if you need a rest, stop and have a sleep in the services or a safe place.

But, they've stressed that the hard shoulder of the motorway is never a safe place to stop and sleep.

Drivers can also drink a strong coffee, wind their window down to get fresh air circulating or play louder music while you're driving.