Police record 280 crimes in South Yorkshire every day

New crime figures have been released
New crime figures have been released
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Police recorded 280 crimes in South Yorkshire every day last year, according to new figures out today.

The Office for National Statistics figures revealed that between April 2015 and March 2016 there were 102,111 offences recorded in South Yorkshire - up nine per cent on the previous year.

Nationally crime has risen by eight per cent.

A breakdown of offences reveals there were 14 murders in South Yorkshire over the 12 month period, which was the same as the year before and 20,500 offences of violence - up 32 per cent.

There were 2,604 drug offences recorded - down 23 per cent, 2,917 sex offences - up 18 per cent, 1,010 robberies - down six per cent and 12,627 burglaries - down 10 per cent.

South Yorkshire Police recorded 729 offences of weapon possession, up eight per cent on the year before.

The figures also show that 587 offences involved a knife, including five attempted murders, 24 threats to kill, 212 robberies and 12 sex attacks.

South Yorkshire Police has not yet commented on the release of the new figures.