Police puppies live on line

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AREN’T they cute?

Meet South Yorkshire Police’s latest recruits - 10 furry little bundles born at South Yorkshire Police’s Dog Training Centre in Sheffield as part of the force’s puppy breeding scheme.

The German shepherd pups were born between the evening of Monday, April 11 and the early hours of Tuesday and will remain at the Dog Training Centre with their mum, Goldie, until they are seven weeks old.

During this time you can chart their progress through a live online ‘puppy cam’ at www.southyorks.police.uk/oss/dogtraining/puppy-cam.

They will then be homed with their ‘puppy walker’ - volunteers who will act as their foster parents until they are around a year old and big enough to begin their initial police dog training.

Harry Morton, dog training school manager said: “This is the fourth litter born at South Yorkshire Police and it’s great to have the new arrivals around.

“It is a busy time when a new litter is born but Goldie and her pups are doing exceptionally well, and thankfully, all are fit and healthy.

“I hope that people enjoy watching the pups’ progress over the next few weeks.”

If you would like to be a Puppy Walker call South Yorkshire Police on 0114 2202020.

To volunteer you just have to like dogs and have a basic understanding of their behaviour. The force provides all equipment, food and veterinary care.