Police partnerships saves forces £7m

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A PARTNERSHIP involving South Yorkshire Police and neighbouring forces looks set to save them more than £7 million, police chiefs have revealed.

South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Humberside police forces have agreed a regional fleet programme aimed at reducing vehicle maintenance, vehicle conversions and training costs.

There is also an agreement in place for the forces to buy vehicles at the same time to cut costs, after an agreement to allow Vauxhall and BMW to supply patrol cars, cell vans and specialist roads-policing vehicles.

Forces have also negotiated regional contracts for emergency warning equipment, livery for police vehicles and have agreed to standardise all vehicles across the forces.

They are now using West Yorkshire Police’s vehicle commissioning department in Bradford, which means money which would have been given to outside agencies can be re-circulated within the forces.

Richard Flint, Head of Transport for North Yorkshire Police and the Regional Lead for Fleet, said: “The way we are working now is much more viable for the future. We are sharing contracts, keeping costs in-house and redistributing the money within our forces.

“We have discovered that by standardising our vehicles across the region a great deal of money can be saved and we are currently looking at all potential opportunities for collaboration.

“The regional heads of fleet meet regularly to identify further saving opportunities and monitor the progress of the initiatives we currently have in place.”